Monday, 24 November 2014

Staying strong is hard

Omg hiii

Hahaha its been freaking ages i dont even know if people still read blog nowadays but meh i dont care i still wanna write tonight ☺️☺️

Okay, first of all. I am freshly graduated pre-u student ! Yay thank god i finished my studies in form 6. After all "fuck this shit" "i've had enough" "thats it im done" i actually finished it. Yay for myself ! Seriously. It was really damn hard. And im not even in university yet. I was hoping i would get into one one day. I finished my finals which a little hard than i thought. Idk. Usually exams are a little easier than trials in school so i was like, damn. Im screwed. Nevermind that, its over now all i can do is pray for the best right.

And yeah. From june until now. Well i wouldn't say im having best time in my life. It was a roller coaster months. I lose people i love. I gained people who loves me. About losing the person i love so dearly. I swear to god. It was a tormenting moments ive ever had in my 19 years of existence. She was the other me. Everything we did, we are always together. Even we kinda far away from each other. We texted each other like every fucking day. What i like, she would like it too. I mean our taste in music, our point of view in life. Basically. She was my mirror. She was. But shit happened. We dont talk to each other anymore. It was really hard and sad. Really sad. Till now. I would be lying if i said i didnt think about her anymore. Of course i do. But, i guess theres nothing we can do to make it better. I think she prefers it like this. And honestly, i dont think we can change things to the way it was. There are too many circumtances, too many feelings, too many hearts. To take care of. I am sorry to the others tho. Just because of us. We fell apart like this. And they hv to deal with us. I am really sorry. I dont mind if im getting the hate. Really. Its not fully my fault, not hers too. Idk. I think, our own egos brought us to this situation.

To think that over half decade friendship would break just like that kinda absurd. But yeah. This is life. People come and leave. They moved on. So am i. Thank god, in my down moments, i still hv people that support me. I want to talk about him. The guy who actually the reason of all things that happened. Tbh, i didnt even think i would actually date him. It seems too, impossible. But then again. Nothing impossible. And here we are. I am happy. Not always happy. We fought, a lot. But we somehow manage to talk about it and all that. But yeah. I really am happy. I mean. He is suck sometime. But i love him. Haha

And now im in my holiday mode. Yay. Not really. It is kinda bored. I spent my time with animes and movies and novels. And im currently reading Message in the Bottles by Nicholas Sparks. I hv about 60+ pages left. And currently watching Kuroko no Baske anime. Sighs. Why cant anime guy be real? Scratch that. Im going to malacca. In this week. Sighs. I dont want to go. But theres nothing i can do. You know. I always wanted to be a girl who independent. In every aspects. I guess my family wouldn't let me. Not now.

Okay, im tired. And sleepy. Kinda miss school and all my lads. Oh ya, im in love with 5 seconds of summer lmao. Alright see ya! Bye

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

I'm in love with anime?

konichiwa ! annyeonghaseyo ! bonjour ! hello !

lol hi. omggggg i miss writing here ! how long has it been anyway? my last post was....january wasn't it? hahah gomenasai T_T i was superrrr busy with school, assignments and exams. oh yes! i finished my sem 2 yay! and now continuing with sem 3. criEs im getting busy and busier. sighs

okay, so yesterday was the day of muet(m'sian university english test) for speaking. and i screwed up! idk, i am not confident of my speaking skills. but its okay. i tried my best.

and now i gonna tell y'all what i've been doing since january. kyaaaa! i watched anime ! A LOT. hahah i was bored. and i dont have any novel to read anymore. so i went to manga site. and read all interesting mangas( the one that caught my eyes) and the first manga i read was Say I Love You( Sukitte Ii Na Yo) it was so good. and great. yes im a sucker of romance things dont judge me :P so i googled for the anime ver. then i met my first anime crush <3 Yamato. omg why y'all kawaii animes doesn't exist?! he's so sweet. and caring. and handsome. lmao my friends would be giving me wtf face if they read this rn. hahah

and then, i watched Sword Art Online. sobS I LOVE KIRITO and ASUNA(kirisuna all the wayyyy) who doesn't? after i watched SAO, then i became a hunter of shounen, action, adventure anime. but now i dont really mind. i kinda watch all genre now. and yes! im in love wih fairy tail <3 i just love the bond between the guild members(fairytail guild especially) and yeah, my favorite character is Gray Fullbuster ! and ofcourse i called myself Juvia Lockser lmAo kidding. i just love how juvia chase gray around and never give up ! lol and my current fav character is Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan(Shingeki no Kyojin) omggggg i loveeee himmmmm. idk i think i loveeeeee guys who are cold and has bitchface face, like Levi and Gray. plus Gray is ice mage too! ice=cold. so thats make sense right?

tehee so anime that i watched so far were ~~

1. Say I Love You( Sukitte Ii Na Yo)
2. Sword Art Online
3. Angel Beats
4. High School of The Dead
5. Fairy Tail <3
6. Blue Exorcist (Ao No Exorcist)
7. Attack on Titan(Shingeki no Kyojin)
8. Kaichou wa Maid sama USUIIIII <333
9. Death note
10. La Storia della Arcana Famiglia
11. Kimi ni Todoke (one of the best romance anime for me lol)
12. My Little Monster (Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun) HARUUUU BB
13. Deadman Wonderland

and now im currently watching Toradora, Kuruko no Basuke, Rosario Vampire andddd Strike The Blood. im looking for Black Butler(Kuroshitsuji) actually. but too really bad i can't watch it online. blame the slow internet connection ! :( but meh, im gonna look for it somehow x)

so yeah, tmr is sports day. but im not going. pre-u students hv nothing to do with it anyway so im just gonna lay on my bed and watch movies+animes yay !

okay thats all, but really. i miss reading everyone posts. sighs. see ya soon ! jaa ~


Thursday, 30 January 2014

The saddest night ever. FOR REAL

Hi all.
Okay lets skip all the bubbly greetings i always did. Because right now. I am so very sad. Very very sad. No joke.
My cat, died. My forever favorite cat died.
Right in front of me. I can't even fangirl right now eventho that is what i do every night.
But right now, i just can't.
I never cried as much as i did tonight. To be honest, im crying while typing this.
She was the first cat i ever slept with, played with. Cause i am scared to cat, since i was born. But this one, i love her so much. She has two baby kittens. Sadly, it died too. In this week too.
How can i deal with it? I dont expect to lost my favorite cat ever.
I cried even harder when she was out of breath. Curling up myself cause i cant watch it anymore.
I dont know. Im just, too sad right now.
Im sorry for the unproductive post tonight.