Friday, 10 June 2016

I dont know how to apply eyeliner!

Hello and Assalamualaikum People!

Yay it's Ramadhan and praise to Allah because we still have a chance to live and cherish this moment. Up till this month. So yes it's already 5th Ramadhan for this year. too bad it's my first fasting day because.... you know why. Haha. As I mentioned in the post before, this is my study week. so how I've been doing in this week? Wasted I tell you. WASTED. Not that I didn't manage to study or anything. damn I'm not that busy. let's just say in a day it would be around 10% of studying and 90% are basically me, wasting my time.I've been texting my friend a lot well who doesn't? and she said, 'girl, I need to study to get a job'. Literally her way of telling me to sod off. 

So this post are going to be about me, raving about make up. Be ready people, if you are make up noob like me, continue to read this and if you are not? please don't leave. hahaha. So last week I went to MITC Malacca for Home Fair thingy. Then out of nowhere, there was a Korean Concept Store righttt in the sea of bedroom and living room sets. Haha. It was called KIODA and Im pretty sure you guys heard of it. I went there and halfheartedly splurged my money on beauty related things. Not much but still quite of it. Way to go Ain! I wasn't kidding when I said I want to learn about make up, no joking. I bought some make up related things. maybe I'll write a post on that later since I'm going out too today. Hehe

Since I bought all of those things, I reckon that I should try it out eventhough I have zero knowledge of it. hahaha. and what I'm so frustrated and annoyed about is, I dont know how to apply eyeliner! oh dear god it is so hard! I dont even know how people manage to apply them without cussing and complaining like I did! I watched numerous of eyeliner tutorials and still I can't do it :( Dear merlin you guys are awesome. I dont know why it is so damn hard for me to do. Was it because my trembling hand? or my hooded eyes? or my imagination of final destination coming to life and it's gonna happen to me? Please if you have any idea of how to ease my pain. Do share. haha

Alas, I had fun watching all the videos, I've come to love some youtubers tutorial and it were very interesting and fun. The make up part and also how they made their videos interesting. I mean I would love to have that editing skills. and their humor too! Maybe someday. Who knows? haha okay then, I ran out of ideas and words now so till next time. Byee!


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nurul rasya said...

Are you me? lol
I love watching all the makeup tuto on Instagram but I don't have the courage to try putting on some.