Thursday, 2 June 2016

Study Week Ho ho holidays

Well hello there & Assalamualaikum!

I have no idea if people still read blog or not these days. Hahah nevertheless. I'm still going to write(or type) this post because today is the first day of my study week holiday! Okay not that interesting 😂. Actually the holiday was ought to start next week on Monday, but thankfully my classes ended earlier than expected. (done with semester 2 classes hell yeah)

Oh ya! I may forgot to tell you that I'm a student now at UPSI,Perak. Lmao. I don't know why is it necessary to tell you but yeah. I'm studying and am dying in the process. And around 1 week or so i'll be having my final exams! Let's not think about that first eh. Let me enjoy this cuti. So my plan for this short holiday? SLEEP, and read book. Also, prolly gonna start learning about make up. Hahah I SWEAR TO GOD I am sooooo into make up nowadays. I mean like, it's magical. For real. Haha. I'm still a beginner so yeah I don't own many of them 😢. You know what comes to mind when you want something but you can't? MONEY! haha can't go all gaga uh lala without cash kan. It's okay. I'll buy things bit by bit.

So, I was planning to create a youtube account. Since I love filming/recording plus editing videos. I love making a self-cam videos. Apparently talking to myself is my way of practising my speaking skill! Oh Dr.M wish you can read this😂😂😂. But yeah, I am still not quite sure if I want to do that. I'm quite shy(lmao) and a little insecure of myself. Should I, or shouldn't I?

I think that's all from now! I hope I'll post more soon since I updated this blog once a year! Till then, bye bye!


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