Saturday, 15 October 2016

Your life, your choice. They said.

Hello & peace be upon you!

Yet again, another after-months post of mine. I know its been quite some time since my last post. Teheee. I must say I'm not a frequent writer here. Plus, i'm kinda busy. And also lazy. And some more thing, im currenty in my sophomore year of degree! Aha. You see how fast time flies. A year ago I was a fetus undergraduate who kept worrying about how will I make friends in university. Haha. Silly me 😆 one year has passed. I have around 2 years and a half to finish my studies. 2 years. That's a long time you know. I always have this thought of me, unable to finish my studies. Somehow. Insha allah. May Allah ease my journey here. 4 years in Tg Malim. And it's not a merry town also. Haha. I was reading loads of interesting and inspiring blogs last few days. Yeah I've got plenty of time in my hand. So,blogwalking around the community was fun I guess. So back to the reason of my post, I've been thinking about choices you made, in your life.

It is true. Your life;your choice. You can choose however you want it to be. Be it a boring & dull one, or full of life & adventures one, or a basic mediocre one,even. You name it. It is perfectly up to you. Thing is, when you make choices, it is not really "up to you". There're lots of other things you got to consider before making up your mind.
You see, studying here. It is not easy. Everyone face their own problems here. EVERYONE. For me, it would be financial issues plus me still not sure about my choice of becoming a future teacher. Oh don't get me wrong. I've always wanted to be a teacher. It's a holy grail job I must say. I adore all my teachers a lot. The only problem is, I am still not sure is it something that I really want. REALLY. You see, I've always have this dream of becoming a flight attendant. Eversince Awan Dania was aired on television. Believe me, I love that idea. The idea of me, earning my own money. The idea of me, trailing behind pilot and co-pilot along with my colleagues. The idea of me, greeting people with the widest smile ever, the idea of me serving & giving my best to others. The idea of me, flying around or across the country. The idea of me being a part of aviation. It really excites me! However! Dun. Dun.. Dun...

Haha, it's merely a dream now. Eventhough I could easily choose that path for myself. I need to consider what people around me would think. I don't want to be a dissapointment. I know, people around wouldn't be so supportive if I chose that path. So now, eventhough I want it so bad. I can't. Just like what I said. There are so many things to consider. It's too late for me now. What's left for me are just "what if" and "if only". So you people out there. Choose something that'll make you and people around you happy. Only you have the power to do that❣❣

Ookay, I need to end my post here. I got tae kwon do class tomorrow and I'm already late for train to dreamland! Till then, toodles xoxo


Friday, 10 June 2016

I dont know how to apply eyeliner!

Hello and Assalamualaikum People!

Yay it's Ramadhan and praise to Allah because we still have a chance to live and cherish this moment. Up till this month. So yes it's already 5th Ramadhan for this year. too bad it's my first fasting day because.... you know why. Haha. As I mentioned in the post before, this is my study week. so how I've been doing in this week? Wasted I tell you. WASTED. Not that I didn't manage to study or anything. damn I'm not that busy. let's just say in a day it would be around 10% of studying and 90% are basically me, wasting my time.I've been texting my friend a lot well who doesn't? and she said, 'girl, I need to study to get a job'. Literally her way of telling me to sod off. 

So this post are going to be about me, raving about make up. Be ready people, if you are make up noob like me, continue to read this and if you are not? please don't leave. hahaha. So last week I went to MITC Malacca for Home Fair thingy. Then out of nowhere, there was a Korean Concept Store righttt in the sea of bedroom and living room sets. Haha. It was called KIODA and Im pretty sure you guys heard of it. I went there and halfheartedly splurged my money on beauty related things. Not much but still quite of it. Way to go Ain! I wasn't kidding when I said I want to learn about make up, no joking. I bought some make up related things. maybe I'll write a post on that later since I'm going out too today. Hehe

Since I bought all of those things, I reckon that I should try it out eventhough I have zero knowledge of it. hahaha. and what I'm so frustrated and annoyed about is, I dont know how to apply eyeliner! oh dear god it is so hard! I dont even know how people manage to apply them without cussing and complaining like I did! I watched numerous of eyeliner tutorials and still I can't do it :( Dear merlin you guys are awesome. I dont know why it is so damn hard for me to do. Was it because my trembling hand? or my hooded eyes? or my imagination of final destination coming to life and it's gonna happen to me? Please if you have any idea of how to ease my pain. Do share. haha

Alas, I had fun watching all the videos, I've come to love some youtubers tutorial and it were very interesting and fun. The make up part and also how they made their videos interesting. I mean I would love to have that editing skills. and their humor too! Maybe someday. Who knows? haha okay then, I ran out of ideas and words now so till next time. Byee!


Thursday, 2 June 2016

Study Week Ho ho holidays

Well hello there & Assalamualaikum!

I have no idea if people still read blog or not these days. Hahah nevertheless. I'm still going to write(or type) this post because today is the first day of my study week holiday! Okay not that interesting 😂. Actually the holiday was ought to start next week on Monday, but thankfully my classes ended earlier than expected. (done with semester 2 classes hell yeah)

Oh ya! I may forgot to tell you that I'm a student now at UPSI,Perak. Lmao. I don't know why is it necessary to tell you but yeah. I'm studying and am dying in the process. And around 1 week or so i'll be having my final exams! Let's not think about that first eh. Let me enjoy this cuti. So my plan for this short holiday? SLEEP, and read book. Also, prolly gonna start learning about make up. Hahah I SWEAR TO GOD I am sooooo into make up nowadays. I mean like, it's magical. For real. Haha. I'm still a beginner so yeah I don't own many of them 😢. You know what comes to mind when you want something but you can't? MONEY! haha can't go all gaga uh lala without cash kan. It's okay. I'll buy things bit by bit.

So, I was planning to create a youtube account. Since I love filming/recording plus editing videos. I love making a self-cam videos. Apparently talking to myself is my way of practising my speaking skill! Oh Dr.M wish you can read this😂😂😂. But yeah, I am still not quite sure if I want to do that. I'm quite shy(lmao) and a little insecure of myself. Should I, or shouldn't I?

I think that's all from now! I hope I'll post more soon since I updated this blog once a year! Till then, bye bye!


Thursday, 15 January 2015

Major misunderstanding !


Okay another late night or real early post? I slept in day yesterday so its kinda hard to sleep now. Believe me i dont like it. I need to wake up early tomorrow. What am i doing with life right now? Basically, nothing. Seriously. Suddenly i missed how busy my life were. As student. Like, i always need to study and all that. By then, i didnt really appreciate the time i have to study. But now i really miss 'em! I miss making mind maps and notes, and economy homeworks. Endless assignment for bahasa melayu. Ugh i miss being busy. Lol i wonder if i'll be saying the same thing if i become a student again. I bet not. Haha

Okay, so now im jobless. And also pennyless. Haha. I quit my job as clerk + salegirl at some furniture store. Because of some problem. But it was soooo great. Working there. I mean, the other workers were so nice. Eventhough im the only girl. I fitted in just fine. Plus i can play my phone like all the time. Also free and fast wifi. I wish i can work there again. I misss certain someone. Honestly. Lol i dont want to talk about that. Cause i might sound weird and creepy lol.

And sidenote, im single. Im done with going through my life with couple-ish thingy. Im better off myself (or just date my imaginary bf(s)) . And the other thing. Me and my other half that i've been telling y'all about. We are okay now. Praise to God. Alhamdulillah. And i think we gonna meet real soon. I hopeee. I miss her. Its like, 5 months or so since i last saw her. Or talk to her. Or basically everything. I already have pictures in my head if we meet. It'll be like laughing all.da.time. haha god i miss all that. I miss all my girls in Sarawak. Wish i can return soon. But nah, i'd rather stay here for awhile. And find a job like asap. Ugh.

And yeah its 2015! Omg 2014 sure went through super fast! Well theres nothing i hope for, my goals probably the same every year. Well maybe I improvise it a lil bit time to time. I want to be a better person. To Him, and everyone i love. And love more, complain less. Appreciate more, think first before anything. Just be as nice as possible. Haha i hope, its late but happy new year :-)
I hope everyone will have nice year ahead filled with happiness all around. In shaa Allah.

I probably gonna listen to 5sos before sleep. Signing off. Bye x


Monday, 24 November 2014

Staying strong is hard

Omg hiii

Hahaha its been freaking ages i dont even know if people still read blog nowadays but meh i dont care i still wanna write tonight ☺️☺️

Okay, first of all. I am freshly graduated pre-u student ! Yay thank god i finished my studies in form 6. After all "fuck this shit" "i've had enough" "thats it im done" i actually finished it. Yay for myself ! Seriously. It was really damn hard. And im not even in university yet. I was hoping i would get into one one day. I finished my finals which a little hard than i thought. Idk. Usually exams are a little easier than trials in school so i was like, damn. Im screwed. Nevermind that, its over now all i can do is pray for the best right.

And yeah. From june until now. Well i wouldn't say im having best time in my life. It was a roller coaster months. I lose people i love. I gained people who loves me. About losing the person i love so dearly. I swear to god. It was a tormenting moments ive ever had in my 19 years of existence. She was the other me. Everything we did, we are always together. Even we kinda far away from each other. We texted each other like every fucking day. What i like, she would like it too. I mean our taste in music, our point of view in life. Basically. She was my mirror. She was. But shit happened. We dont talk to each other anymore. It was really hard and sad. Really sad. Till now. I would be lying if i said i didnt think about her anymore. Of course i do. But, i guess theres nothing we can do to make it better. I think she prefers it like this. And honestly, i dont think we can change things to the way it was. There are too many circumtances, too many feelings, too many hearts. To take care of. I am sorry to the others tho. Just because of us. We fell apart like this. And they hv to deal with us. I am really sorry. I dont mind if im getting the hate. Really. Its not fully my fault, not hers too. Idk. I think, our own egos brought us to this situation.

To think that over half decade friendship would break just like that kinda absurd. But yeah. This is life. People come and leave. They moved on. So am i. Thank god, in my down moments, i still hv people that support me. I want to talk about him. The guy who actually the reason of all things that happened. Tbh, i didnt even think i would actually date him. It seems too, impossible. But then again. Nothing impossible. And here we are. I am happy. Not always happy. We fought, a lot. But we somehow manage to talk about it and all that. But yeah. I really am happy. I mean. He is suck sometime. But i love him. Haha

And now im in my holiday mode. Yay. Not really. It is kinda bored. I spent my time with animes and movies and novels. And im currently reading Message in the Bottles by Nicholas Sparks. I hv about 60+ pages left. And currently watching Kuroko no Baske anime. Sighs. Why cant anime guy be real? Scratch that. Im going to malacca. In this week. Sighs. I dont want to go. But theres nothing i can do. You know. I always wanted to be a girl who independent. In every aspects. I guess my family wouldn't let me. Not now.

Okay, im tired. And sleepy. Kinda miss school and all my lads. Oh ya, im in love with 5 seconds of summer lmao. Alright see ya! Bye