Saturday, 12 October 2013

Damn examination

hye there,

its been awhile now huh? yeah it is i guess. okay its 2.23 am in the morning. i cant sleep -_- i just cant.
idk why lol. i've been sooo stressed and depressed and basically my days was quite, wasted lately. i am sooooo stress abt my studies. i tried my best. i guess my best is not best all ? i got my result for first trial. and it was. worst than rodrick's voice. or even sparrow's breathe smell. i didn't study my heart out for that kind result. this is suck okay

so anyone who got a undeniably stupid result, would feel bad right? and of course they will work even more harder. so that is what am i doing rn. and plus. my teachers. i mean all of them giving us a loads of homeworks. tons of them. so i need to do my homeworks. and study at the same time. its hard. but they said no pain no gain. sleep is luxury now. its about 3 weeks left. maybe less. for me to get ready. and sometimes i just got, too tired. like i felt like doing anything. and i awfully ignored people around me. all the texts, abd calls, and chats. everyone. i mean EVERYONE. i just lied down listening to paramore songs. idk what is wrong with me. its just me. i tend to keep all i felt, and what im thinking about. i just kept it to myself. i know i should spill out all the emotions inside me. but i have no words for it. okay this is soooooo FRUSTRATING. also my beloved boyfriend. poor him. im sorry, sweety :( but everything just got out of control.

so since my stpm is near,guys pls pray me also k. hehe /wink/

currently im reading dear john. a book given by my beautiful sister <3 she gave me this book like 3 month ago, and i still didn't finish it, yet? sigh. sad? yeah. i actually hv a plans after stpm. im gonna fins moneyy in any way haha  to buyyyy the hunger games books ! omgggg im dying to have that series. i love peeta haha. okay tbh i actually know about hunger games from movies. and they said the books are wayyyy better. so i desperately need it. yeah its actually true ya know. books always better than movies. its always like that. and yeah i need to replace my sister book too. i lost hers. accidently, like no intention at all. yeah i'm careless ugh. kakak if you read this, im so sorry :( i swear sik sngja. and dont worry. i will replace it. i promise ! im sorry :((

okay guys bye now, assalamualaikum x