Saturday, 15 October 2016

Your life, your choice. They said.

Hello & peace be upon you!

Yet again, another after-months post of mine. I know its been quite some time since my last post. Teheee. I must say I'm not a frequent writer here. Plus, i'm kinda busy. And also lazy. And some more thing, im currenty in my sophomore year of degree! Aha. You see how fast time flies. A year ago I was a fetus undergraduate who kept worrying about how will I make friends in university. Haha. Silly me 😆 one year has passed. I have around 2 years and a half to finish my studies. 2 years. That's a long time you know. I always have this thought of me, unable to finish my studies. Somehow. Insha allah. May Allah ease my journey here. 4 years in Tg Malim. And it's not a merry town also. Haha. I was reading loads of interesting and inspiring blogs last few days. Yeah I've got plenty of time in my hand. So,blogwalking around the community was fun I guess. So back to the reason of my post, I've been thinking about choices you made, in your life.

It is true. Your life;your choice. You can choose however you want it to be. Be it a boring & dull one, or full of life & adventures one, or a basic mediocre one,even. You name it. It is perfectly up to you. Thing is, when you make choices, it is not really "up to you". There're lots of other things you got to consider before making up your mind.
You see, studying here. It is not easy. Everyone face their own problems here. EVERYONE. For me, it would be financial issues plus me still not sure about my choice of becoming a future teacher. Oh don't get me wrong. I've always wanted to be a teacher. It's a holy grail job I must say. I adore all my teachers a lot. The only problem is, I am still not sure is it something that I really want. REALLY. You see, I've always have this dream of becoming a flight attendant. Eversince Awan Dania was aired on television. Believe me, I love that idea. The idea of me, earning my own money. The idea of me, trailing behind pilot and co-pilot along with my colleagues. The idea of me, greeting people with the widest smile ever, the idea of me serving & giving my best to others. The idea of me, flying around or across the country. The idea of me being a part of aviation. It really excites me! However! Dun. Dun.. Dun...

Haha, it's merely a dream now. Eventhough I could easily choose that path for myself. I need to consider what people around me would think. I don't want to be a dissapointment. I know, people around wouldn't be so supportive if I chose that path. So now, eventhough I want it so bad. I can't. Just like what I said. There are so many things to consider. It's too late for me now. What's left for me are just "what if" and "if only". So you people out there. Choose something that'll make you and people around you happy. Only you have the power to do that❣❣

Ookay, I need to end my post here. I got tae kwon do class tomorrow and I'm already late for train to dreamland! Till then, toodles xoxo