Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 recap

hello there loves !

kyaa today is the last day of 2013 /yeay and should i add a little bit, last day of holiday! :) can you see how excited i am haha that is definitely with sarcastic tone ladies and gents . sobs so im gonna do some 'wrap' lol to my 2013. so basically, it was a great year. indeed.

well in jan i went to my sister house, malacca. basically january was 'well' spent with non-stop increasing the amount of fats in my body ! haha and here some selca of me and my little ones ! haha i love him so much kk. he's my only friend there. lol. and yeah ! that is the beginning of my life as exo fans. haha you can see my bias derping there XD dont let me start with his cuteness asdfgjkl ;;

and then february ! actually i started working as cashier in petronas by the end of jan, but meh. can't you see how 'oh-so-hardworking' i am. mann it was great! and tiring, im not gonna lie to you. sometimes i wish i can stop standing and just lie there lol. i had to work in what around 8 hours like that? no sitting at all can you feel me? haha but still, it was great and it does make me think 'wow it is hard to make money' haha and there is my workmates? they're all so nice. ugh i wish i can turn back time. have i tell you that i went to mcD almost everyday while working there? why? because it just next to where i work sooo.... XD

well in march, it was when all 95-batch student didn't sleep at night before the result came out. haha let be honest here, i didn't even thinking about the result. i was peacefully sleeping yo. haha and the next day. you need to see how pathetic i look like. swollen red eyes. crying too much because of my not so good result. sobs. and the worst thing is, i HAD to work for 16 hours on the day the result came out. most of the workers are in my age that time. im the only one who didn't take the result cause, daaa i was awayyyy from my hometown.

and then in this month, i quit with working thingy.and head back to le hometown weee. i was super duper excited. i miss my mom soo much. and of course my friend. but yeah, it's kinda sad tho leaving all bittersweet memories there. i took a lot of photos with them actually. hehe. and yeah of course i met my beloved bestfriends who i called "little sister"(cause im the oldest one) now. and the picture, bottom left. that dark (hahaha) man is my brother. and the others were his friends. he's the one that fetched me from airport keke. 

Okay in this month ! i am officially a student. again ! the only different was, PRE-U student. haha i never thought i would go back there but sadly(?) i did. you should read my previous posts about how frustrated i am cause i didn't make it to university. not that my result that bad, i guess. just not my luck. the first day was okay. ands then i started to accept the life as student again. hehe. and as a junior to senior pre-u students. we have to organise everything for teachers day. and i'm in food department ! haha i must admit, i enjoyed the foods, much. /sorry cikgu. Andd exo made a comeback after a freaking year. i was sooo happy when i saw the tweet that they gonna make a comeback, like uff about time SM. you've been keeping these ridiculously handsome boys for a longgg time. haha

okayyy mid year holidayyy ! haha june was the month for me and my friends to visit my non-muslim friends who celebrate Hari Gawai. we called it 'ngabang' here in sarawak. it was a lot of fun! it doesn't have much different with hari raya celebration. ohya! my friend me told me one thing, all the man in the village must visit all houses there and with a little speech or something, i can't remember well tho. amazing isn't it? i think it is! and yeah my classmates decided to 'make over' our classroom! plus i went here and there that month. still not in exam mode /lazy as always

it was the month that im officially eighteen. and it was muslim fasting month. sure theres a lot of photos but mehh i won't let you guys suffer from my ewww selfies. keke. i can't recall what the event in that month i guess there's nothing really interesting except for school in stuff. and 

yehet ~ Hari Raya Celebration ! haha well it was great. idk how does people in the city celebrate Hari Raya but i celebrate it in my hometown, sure it was moreee fun there! and i met my bf cough after a whole year mann long distance relationship is hard but um im fine with it now. read here if you wanna know how sad my first day Raya was. and here some of my family photos. okay you can see me and my brothers looks diff because of our skin color, simply because i stay home and they went out, no i am not adopted. some people asked me am i adopted or what because i look diff from 'em what the crap hahahah. as usually, went out with my friends, because that is the only time we can meet. sobs

the month that i started to panic ! of course because stpm is around the corner, and yes we r busy with studies, homeworks and all that. it was hella stressful months. not enough time to sleep. everything was so ugh tiring. i did cried without reason, too much maybe. well heck, im not that strong. hehe it was a lot of extra classes for us. it was indeed, a hectic, tiring days i've been going through. and the woman in pink is my general studies teacher ! she is the nicest teacher ever ! haha i really hopeee im gonna pass her subject. /finger cross. 

well i guess you knew it already. how did i spent my holidays. haha eat, sleep, read, fangirling. just that, period. haha 

So, this is my 2013 experiences(roughly) ofcourse. it was filled with much fun. yeah a lil bit of down moments, but hey ! that's life right? i love new year ! i'm not gonna forget this year, but i am sure i will try to be a better person in 2014. and create new,good, happy memories. and make new friend. do well in studies.  eat less. aamiin. 

idk if i'm gonna post anything after this, cause im surely gonna be occupied by school things next year, nevertheless, i hope all of my readers here gonna have a blast in 2014, happy new year. be happy and healthy , and may odds be ever in your favor haha kidding ! /flying kisses/ 

till then, goodbye. and assalamualaikum :) xx

p/s sorry for typos or mistakes, you knoww me hehehe and plsss ignore my face ;<

p/s/s im leaving you guys my-boyfriend-who-doesn't-know-my-existance picture. i know. creepy


supriya sivabalan said...

omg your whole year seems super fun! Hahah wish I were you :p super lucky! xx

Xixie said...

Within 5 mins i through your whole year experience . Its great intan . Lovee it happy new year♡♡

Anne said...

@supriya sivabalan aww no ree, it's just typical year experiences ! I bet your 2013 moree interesting than mine ! Rightt? :p

@Xixie hahaha thanks babe ! Yeah it is, with you in it babe my lifeuu gonna great forevaa. Happy new year too xx

supriya sivabalan said...

hahaha aw no way! I love your hols :') post soon hon! waiting for your next post :')