Thursday, 12 December 2013

Can you stop it?

Assalamualaikum and hello y'all :))

How are you doing? I hope each and everyone of you doing great in this holidays yeah? :) and me? Same old routines. Nothing new except for extra latenight snacks lately with my sis. Ugh i can never stop eating and growing fatter day to day sobs. What can i do, it makes me happy hihik

So im here to share or maybe just saying my opinion about people who are so full of themselves. Yes, i admitted i do live or befriend with these kind of people around me. Tbh, im not liking this. Uh no no. I dont like people who are arrogant or insults others like they are better(?) or whatever they think about themselves. Whatever it is, they need to get a grip and wake up. I've witnessed much of insulting going on in front of me, maybe not by tongue (idk what word suitable haha) and maybe just for fun-joking manner but not everyone open about what they felt. Just like me. Haha. But really, calling people with such a disrespectful words uh huh that is not fine. Okay let set an example, "these people" calling others fake and ugly just becauce they used effect or beauty camera on their pictures. It may seems like a little issue, but i dont think it is. Maybe they are insecure with how they look because people like "you" surely gonna insult 'em. You can't expect others to be perfect or fit your taste perfectly. Nah, ain't nobody gonna please you, sorry not sorry. Jgn nak perasan k. Unless you are purrfectt enough to judge, to call others with disrespectful words yes, you are welcome to do it as much as you want which i think you will never be. Like ever /insert evil smirk/ haha.

Whatever it is, we knew that not everyone satisfy by what they have. We can't change that. Hihi. So yeah, let's avoid and throw away all negative vibes. Try to think before you do anything, you never know it would cause others sadness. :)

P/s this is just of of never ending rants of mine lol ignore all the weird mistakes winkkk

P/s/s i'm typing this while listening EXO's The First Snow omgerddd im cryingg-while-fangirling lol

Okay, thats all for now. Goodnight lovelies /throw virtual flying kiss/


Najihah Najmy said...
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Najihah Najmy said...

Yep, a lot of people are like that nowadays. Just ignore them cuz they're not worth ur time haha :)