Friday, 31 May 2013

Comeback and Dissapointment

hello people hye hye its 3:36 a.m here at malaysia. lol idk sleeping late and stay up all night like this really became part of me now. i have so much things to do yknow XD haha no, i'm busy as a fangirl ofcourse 
so first thing first, my lovely EXO boys just have their comeback today. and i was like, sticking to both my laptop and ipad from noon till now lol. so their comeback was. how can i say it in one word. its AMAZING.
as an exostans i really proud of my boys. they did a good job. so basicly. we exostans waited for them almost a year, we have been through so much together in this fandom. millions rumors of their comeback but never true. and their constantly changing hair color making us puzzled and confused. the rumors of one member leaving the group. and when some of the members sick and we worried as hell. when some fans left this fandom because tired of waiting their comeback. so literally it is too much to say. so today at mnet countdown, exo comeback stage. they are amazing boys. waiting over a year for that amazing comeback stage is worth it. i bet they worked hard, really hard for their fans. yes, i heard it when some irresponsible people, leaked their whole albums, their dance practise. and truthfully they dont deserve that kind of treatment. they worked their bone-tiring comeback. they even fight with each other due to the stress.hearing that made me teared up. they are sweet caring boys. and when some of them cried. whole fandom cried too.  it brokes our heart. for those people who downloaded or want to download the leaked songs, no please think twice. that is not how we pay the boys for their hard work. they deserve more. a lot more than that.
okie so that is my story about exo. and here's another one. lol im telling too much to you didn't i? hmm nvm talking to myself like this make me felt better. so, i'm already in form 6. and now we are having mid-year holiday. a few days ago. i got a news from my friend. a good news. good for her not for me :< my bestfriend got an offers to U. and she also in form 6 right now so easy talk she gonna leave me soon :'( /insert ugly sobbing here. before the holidays, we already checked the upu result and non of us get anything. now slowly, one by one my friends got it. and here i am. locking myself inside my room asking, "why not me?" no, form 6 is good indeed. it is the same. but i want to free myself and my mind. see more things outside there. idk why but somehow, i feel useless, i regreted it soo much cause i messed up with my study previously. i am jealous. some of them got the course that i've been dying for. it does breaks my little heart a little bit. im still hoping. but im quite sure it will never happen. what can i do? yes, just swallow the truth then.
k thats all from me, my eyes getting heavy now. good morning <3 center="">
excuse the broken english :)