Thursday, 30 January 2014

The saddest night ever. FOR REAL

Hi all.
Okay lets skip all the bubbly greetings i always did. Because right now. I am so very sad. Very very sad. No joke.
My cat, died. My forever favorite cat died.
Right in front of me. I can't even fangirl right now eventho that is what i do every night.
But right now, i just can't.
I never cried as much as i did tonight. To be honest, im crying while typing this.
She was the first cat i ever slept with, played with. Cause i am scared to cat, since i was born. But this one, i love her so much. She has two baby kittens. Sadly, it died too. In this week too.
How can i deal with it? I dont expect to lost my favorite cat ever.
I cried even harder when she was out of breath. Curling up myself cause i cant watch it anymore.
I dont know. Im just, too sad right now.
Im sorry for the unproductive post tonight.

1 comment:

supriya sivabalan said...

aww :(
I hope youre coping well! ilysm xx