Thursday, 15 January 2015

Major misunderstanding !


Okay another late night or real early post? I slept in day yesterday so its kinda hard to sleep now. Believe me i dont like it. I need to wake up early tomorrow. What am i doing with life right now? Basically, nothing. Seriously. Suddenly i missed how busy my life were. As student. Like, i always need to study and all that. By then, i didnt really appreciate the time i have to study. But now i really miss 'em! I miss making mind maps and notes, and economy homeworks. Endless assignment for bahasa melayu. Ugh i miss being busy. Lol i wonder if i'll be saying the same thing if i become a student again. I bet not. Haha

Okay, so now im jobless. And also pennyless. Haha. I quit my job as clerk + salegirl at some furniture store. Because of some problem. But it was soooo great. Working there. I mean, the other workers were so nice. Eventhough im the only girl. I fitted in just fine. Plus i can play my phone like all the time. Also free and fast wifi. I wish i can work there again. I misss certain someone. Honestly. Lol i dont want to talk about that. Cause i might sound weird and creepy lol.

And sidenote, im single. Im done with going through my life with couple-ish thingy. Im better off myself (or just date my imaginary bf(s)) . And the other thing. Me and my other half that i've been telling y'all about. We are okay now. Praise to God. Alhamdulillah. And i think we gonna meet real soon. I hopeee. I miss her. Its like, 5 months or so since i last saw her. Or talk to her. Or basically everything. I already have pictures in my head if we meet. It'll be like laughing all.da.time. haha god i miss all that. I miss all my girls in Sarawak. Wish i can return soon. But nah, i'd rather stay here for awhile. And find a job like asap. Ugh.

And yeah its 2015! Omg 2014 sure went through super fast! Well theres nothing i hope for, my goals probably the same every year. Well maybe I improvise it a lil bit time to time. I want to be a better person. To Him, and everyone i love. And love more, complain less. Appreciate more, think first before anything. Just be as nice as possible. Haha i hope, its late but happy new year :-)
I hope everyone will have nice year ahead filled with happiness all around. In shaa Allah.

I probably gonna listen to 5sos before sleep. Signing off. Bye x


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