Tuesday, 26 November 2013


hello there, assalamualaikum :)

its 4 a.m in the morning. and im still wide awake. haha i just finished the novel i read for awhile,
a well written novel 'Thanks For The Memories' by Cecelia Ahern.
well it is really a good story. well for me.
haha idk how to do a review tbh. Good news ! stpm penggal 1 finally over YEAY /throws confetti/
as soon as i got out from the exam class. i was like, tons of  'burden' i've been dealing this whole time finally gone. and other kids was like 'what yr answer for this' 'ugh idk how to answer that question' and yada yada hihi tbh i dont really care about that. why bother to care.
not like you can do anything about it. now all you can do is tawakal and pray for the best. isn't it?

i hv sooo much plans in mind. gonna read books and sleep and eat and repeat it all over again. so great.
and yeah. my sister from malacca gonna be here with her family in um a day? yeay !
she's my favorite sister <3 she's just too nice. i like the way she talks to me. compared to oldest sis. she is much more gentler. haha but i love both of them equally still. lol
its just my oldest sister quite um strict, well i understand since she's a navy, haha. and my nephews gonna be here soon. and if they are here. in this house of mine. i can never touch my ipad. ever. ever.
y'all know kids with games in stuff.

and thankfully. i have books or novels i still need to read. but ugh i still need a phone. i lost um no my phone died. i hv no phone. and the only way i contact my love and my friends are with my ipad.
when i heard my sis gonna be home soon. i called my dad. asked him to buy me phone ! asap. he was like. um berapa sen? haha dad yr joke was not funny. i srsly need a phone.
and last night. he told me 'you're not getting yr phone until form 6 over sweetheart'
which is mean im gonna live without phone for a freaking year? :((
someone tell me how to live. how. hOW. HOW

im being emotional rn. and i hv right to be one. im a phoneless 18 years old girl. sobs

alright good morning, love. see you when i see you xx

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supriya sivabalan said...

Aww I feel you! Guess what? I didn't have my phone for 6 months. YES SIX MONTHS. And now I do tee hee ^^ but you will bear through it! xx