Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Hello exam weekkk

Hello hye there !

Can somebody just knock my head right now cause im suppose to study cause my STPM penggal 1 starts tmr omggggg *gasp* idek what am i doing here. Im not lazy (maybe) im just UGH tired. Those who took p.am should know how tiring it is to remember all things bla bla bla and read it all over again i just can't :< or is it just me? But hey! Who am i to complain ha ha . My fault for not giving attention when cikgu teaching in class. Im so stupid ! 😑

Kk basically right now i am sooo nervous. A lot. Mega nervous.and nervous leads to stomach ache and that leads to toilet hihik I dont think i can sleep tonight oh god help me sigh. Okay if i fail this paper then i am doomed. So mind if i ask something? Does it mean you are stupid if you repeat the failed papers? Nah im just asking. I hope it is not. Cause idk i dont hv much confidence rn now Um maybe 60 out of 100? Whatever it is i really hope everything gonna be okay tmr and works just fine ! Aamiin.

P/s i hv so much to tell you guys (if any of you gonna read this lol) but yeah see ya in two weeks in shaa Allah :) wish me luck and for those taking stpm too , may odds be ever in your favor ( effie's voice) haha bye assalamualaikum x

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Veron said...

Good luck with your exams. :)