Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Long time no see

Hello haii assalamualaikum ^^
Kyahhhh its been awhile snce i last updated my blog right? I miss to write things that going on with my life sigh my laptop gave me big time headache. I cant use it to do my work okay. So now i hv to update with my ipad which is erkk. Weird i guess....

Okay today, i didn't go to school. Why? Hee well i ride motorcycle to school, and its raining. Hard so i cant go lah. And this week, i skipped two days of school include today keke well maybe im just too lazy. I should punish myself for being so lazy. Idk i cant help it. Lately all i did was lazying myself around. Laying watching tv god i want to wake the f up myself but. Uh idk. 

Plus, i noticed that i hv variety kind of sickness. Headache, stomach ache, i even throw up. A lot. Mehh its weird. Its only came to me sometime. But i can deal with it. My raya experiences? Sigh my first day eid spend by sleeping in my room. You guys should see what my face looks like back then. It was, HORRIBLE i tell you. On the eid night, i didn't sleep until 5 a.m b/c i keep throwing up. Eww all things i ate that day being dump by my body. In the morning after the prayers, and ofcourse my family continue the tradition *asking for forgiveness thingy* and yeah after that we went to graveyard to visit my late grandma and grandpa graves. And BAM! I passed out. I freaking passed out at the graveyard in front of erghhh so many people. And i throw up too right there. It emberassing.  I cant even walk which is my uncle HAD to back piggy me. I know i am soo damn heavy. And my family brought me too clinic and thank god its open. 

And the next day. Ahamdulillah everything is fine :> so now its already the end of august. Around 2 month left for my first sem. I really hope i will get a great result. I regreted it soo much for not study hard enough in spm tho. But it already passed soo i need to focus on this one. Keke

Okay thats all meh. See ya guys xx



hk said...

hi. i tried to follow you but it keeps failing...? btw, you don't have a cbox, so...

D.oh said...

@hk rly? ugh idk what is wrong. its okay you can try other time lol :)