Sunday, 16 June 2013

Fangirl mode strikes !

hyeee to me :D well its the middle of night, uh no. its 3 a.m and i am wideeee awake. can't sleep disease lol.
k i wanna tell you something. not important but who cares? this is my blog so i do what i want. kekeke
EXO had their first win on music bank yeayyy :D haha it was, hm couple days ago. 
omg. i swear i have tear in my eyes when i saw Suho. he's giving speech while crying. it was a moment of silence when he cried. idk bout others, but i am touched with his words. and baby KAI  cried too. oh kay exo is a cry baby group. confirmed! im watching music bank on live streaming. that is when i cried. and then, i found the video on yt. i watched exo performance and the winning announcement again. tbh i laughed ! haha
k, i cried at first cause i dont really notice suho's derp face. and when i watched it 2nd time. it was hilarious !
haha. sorry Suho omma :P and today ! the have their 2ndwin ! ofcourse as a fans i am happy. i hope they will get triple crown after this ;)

k talking about kpop. i know not so many people like kpop. its obvious lol. and lately, when i go onl on twitter. there are nth of tweets. bashing kpop. of course its hurt when they said kpop is trash, useless, and whatsoever. for me, kpop is a genre. a type of music. idk why people hate it so much. i dont blame them. maybe in their eyes. kpop idol doesn't have talent. yeah. if they said kpop is all about their appearance, hmm some of them yes. some of them no. hating kpop is like you hate something that you don't know. for me.
they do have talent. they are talented. i don't think people can actually sing while dancing a hard dances move, except Michael Jackson he is a legend. but im not comparing mj with k-idol here. 
k-idol can sing, and dance at the same time. each one of them have a their own specialty. so why blamed them? hmm i really dont give a damn to people that hate sooo much, insulted them like they know them a lot. they doesn't even know anything about kpop yet talked like mr know it all. its not fair. well when i see this kind of people on my tlist. i blocked them rightaway. obviously it is a pain in my eyes. haha no matter how haters insult, hate them. they are still succesful. and got lot of money than all of haters combined. aha

so thats all. yeah my clear purpose for this post is just to rant. haha kbyee im going to read books rn :)


p/s im reading The Perks of being a Wallflower, its awesome <3 blockquote="">

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